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July 22, 2019

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15 Minutes

15 minutes with Ada seniors Madison Stoner and Jarod Woodland

15 minutes with Madison Stoner and Jarod Woodland

Madison, tell me what classes you are taking this year:
Art 4, Psychology, English 12 CP, Algebra 3, Communications and Photography.

How about your schedule, Jarod:
Psychology, English 12 CP, Spanish 4, Rock and Pop – that’s a music course -, Personal Finance and Photography.

15 minutes with Justice Cheney, 2014 AHS grad planning to move to Columbus

By Torie Wright

What year did you graduate from Ada High School?
I graduated in May of 2014.

You recently graduated from State Beauty Academy. What’s coming next?
Next will be a job in the nail industry, and after six months I will be taking the next step in life and will be moving to Columbus to see what’s in store for me there.

When did you first discover your love of nail art?
I always enjoyed doing others’ nails for fun, whether it was painting for fun or doing nails for homecoming, or even getting my own done every two weeks.

A chat with Allison Howard

15 minutes with Allison Howard

We understand you were homecoming queen this year. What thoughts went through your mind when your name was announced on the football field?

Oh I didn't know what to think, honestly. I was overjoyed and surprised and just so grateful. I didn't think much, I just felt it all and it was wonderful, to say the least.

Have you decided on your college plans next year?

I've decided to go to Rhodes for two years for all my prerequisite classes, and then I plan on finishing college at either the OSU branch in Lima or going to Columbus.

15 Minutes with Gabi Rall, AHS senior, dreaming of becoming a pediatrician

By Torie Wright

How does it feel to be a senior? Have you ordered your cap and gown?
It is fun and exciting because I see the high school from a different perspective now. At the same time it is very overwhelming, stressful, and sad because there are a lot of deadlines to meet, and this is the last time that some of us seniors will do the activities that we participate in.

I ordered my cap and gown a few weeks ago.

15 minutes with four Ada High School juniors

The Icon recently had a brief chat with four Ada juniors, Alissa Schlachter, Sydney Hartford, Shelbey Van Atta and Cheyenne Wells.  Here are some of the high points of our conversation.

What do you remember about first grade?
Alissa: I sat behind Shelbey.
Sydney: Shelbey and I have been friends since kindergarten.
Cheyenne: Miss Daniels was our teacher.

15 minutes with Katlin Huggins (TenEyck), 2010 AHS grad

15 Minutes with Katlin Huggins (TenEyck)
By Torie Wright


You graduated from Ada High School in 2010. What have you been doing since then?
I attended Cosmetology School but am currently not doing that. I work for Westport Homes and am looking into getting my realtor's license and maybe going back to school in the near future.

How did you end up living in Indiana?
I moved to Indiana with Thomas and Jordan Hirn after we graduated high school. Honestly it was the best decision I made after high school.