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July 11, 2020

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Ada HS class of 1965 as second graders


Here's the Ada High School class of 1965 as second graders during the 1955-56 school year.

Top row from left: unidentified, Rick Frail, Bruce Rainey, Barb McElory, Tom Rodabaugh, Sandy Park, Maxine Garver, Roberta Stambaugh, Ricky Lansing.

Second row from left: Linda Sousley, Sally Downing, Karen Zimmerly, Pheobe Darlington, Doris Hopson, Tony Baum, David Pratt, Hal (last name not known), Tim Rodabaugh.

Third row from left: Dolly Amstutz, Judy Crow, Leland Crouse, Mike Rettig, Tom Brown, John Bucher, Gary Nelson, Jim Epley, Bob Plummer.

Bottom row, from left: unidentified, Norm Fleming, Jon Crist, Wayne Westrick, Jim Griffith, Dan Anspach, Denny Rainey.

Photo and ID from Leland Crouse