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When your garage sale is ready so is The Icon...garage sales ads are free...info@adaicon.com

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May 1, 2016

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Your favorite ice cream flavor

Edward Jones answers the question:
Should you change your investment mix overtime?

Somewhere on an Ada rooftop

With all of the work going on outside, it appears that spring has hit with a vengeance - finally. We can add to the list of projects roof repairs to a familiar Ada building. Can you identify it? Click here for the building answer.

Meet the faces behind the friendliest polar bear you'll ever meet

STORY FROM THE ONU WEBSITE - Four ONU graduating seniors can finally share the best-kept secret on campus. Just who is it under that mask?

Being the Ohio Northern University mascot Klondike is such a closely guarded secret that not even the portrayer's closest friends know the truth. There are no tryouts to become Klondike.

Student photos at bottom of story - 

Only those noticed by current Klondikes are recruited for the job. A student is only allowed to reveal themselves upon graduating. So with Commencement right around the corner, we thought we'd help these four seniors take off the head.

Tree Commission, Sigma Phi Epsilon volunteers, shape up Ada's trees

Story and photos by Monty Siekerman
Members of the Ada Tree Commission, with the help of eight Sigma Phi Epsilon members, trimmed trees in town on last Saturday afternoon.

Most of the commission members have completed a course sponsored by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, which included instruction in trimming and pruning trees.

Trees in the Industrial Park, Depot Park, and the right-of-way of streets were made safer, healthier, and more beautiful due to the efforts of the volunteers.


• Sigma Phil Epsilon volunteers
• Jamie Hall and Rob Mix
• Mike Hubbell
• Jim Meyer


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History lesson

Were you ever in an Ada High School pep band? What instrument did you play?

Here's the players from one-half...

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Ada school marquee, 2-24-16
Naudean Amidon's 104th birthday
Fast freight through Ada
2015 New Leaf Christmas display

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Spring has sprung

Is it really spring if bees and dandelions are back? This photo by Ken Collins proves that those yellow "plants" coming up in Ada yards means that spring is here. And, those flying insects simply add to the fun.

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