** ONU Civic Engagement Day is Saturday! **


** ONU Civic Engagement Day is Saturday! **

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August 20, 2017

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We're assuming this is Peterson 2. It's a Hancock County plate the Icon spotted on a black Ford Expedition EL at the Bluffton Community Swimming Pool.

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Ada Public Library

Q: What will the library look like when it's finished?

A: The renovation overview helps answer the question

With construction of a new addition underway at the Ada Public Library, the question from patrons is: What will it look like when it's finished?"

A library renovation overview helps answer that question. In the overview the current entrance is at the top. The addition is on the right.

 Studer-Obringer, Inc. of New Washington, is the contractor for the renovation according to Rhett Grant, library director.

Funding for the renovation and addition comes from a dedicated fund.

The addition on the northeast side of the library will add some much needed space. Additional parking will be added, as well as an outdoor reading area.

Ada Public Library at 100

Here's a fun reading offer you can hardly refuse

By Monty Siekerman
It's the Ada Public Library centennial, so does that mean you should read a hundred books in celebration?

Nope, the library has a plan for patrons to read one book from each of the last decades. Those who accomplish the feat are eligible for a $25 Amazon gift card drawing.

Part 3 - How we have grown in 100 years

History of the Ada Public Library, The library today

By Rhett Grant, Library Director


Many remember the library as a quiet place.  That is not the case today.

First 100 years of the library

Rhett Grant, new Ada Public Library director, shows his wife Jenny some of the historical documents describing the first 100 years of the library.  

He gave a talk on Saturday morning about the library's history, although he just came to town from a suburb of Atlanta just a few weeks ago.

History is one of his areas of interest, so although he is new to the community he has already learned a lot about where he works.

The Ada Icon is posting his history of the library in three parts this week. 

Library assists Ada Food Pantry

As part of the summer reading program, the Ada Public Library collected 792 items for the Ada Food Pantry.

Part 2 - How we have grown in 100 years

History of the Ada Public Library, Library moves to current location

By Rhett Grant, Library Director
In 1953, the Ada Public Library, moved to its current location. The first patron to check out a book in the new building was two-year old Deborah Hull.

15,000 volumes were moved to the new building with the help of volunteers, such as Professors J.B. Ranny and L.E. Shaeffer; Fred Runser, Butch LaRue and Willis Brown. 

Trucks were supplied by Earl’s Hardware and the Gamble store. The sidewalk was completed by local contractor Grover McElroy. Other volunteer activities included preparing books for classification and stenciling classification numbers on the outside covers of books.  

How we have grown in 100 years

History of the Ada Public Library, the beginnings in 1917, Part 1 of 3

By Rhett Grant, Library Director

Originally a “mere handful of books” placed by the Town and Country League in the women’s restroom at the town hall, the Ada Public Library (founded on June 1, 1917) was taken over by the federation of women’s clubs.   

They formed a library board and funded the library through donations, voluntary subscriptions, and loans of books from the state library and the Ada school board during the summers.  

More photos from the Exotic Zoo

For example: a Monitor lizard, young peacock, ring-tailed lemur and chinchilla

By Monty Siekerman
Children love animals, all kinds, and whenever a group in Ada puts on an animal show the children attend in great numbers as was evident this week when the Ada Public Library invited Exotic Zoo to Ada.

Here, Javon Stacks passes around a Flemish Giant Rabbit for youngsters to touch gently.

This breed of domesticated rabbit can weigh more than 20 pounds. The Exotic Zoo is located near Detroit. Most animals there were born on the premises.

Prizes for every age group

Over 400 readers in this summer's library reading program

By Monty Siekerman
Many prizes, some for every age group, await those who participate in the Ada Public Library summer reading program. More than 400 people have joined the program this year. The reading program ends at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 15. One can still join to win.

Who is this green monster?

Why...it's the new library director, Rhett Grant.

Photos and story by Monty Siekerman
Who is this green monster?

Why...it's the new library director, Rhett Grant.


When he interviewed for the job, he was told that, for several years, the former director was slimed at the end of the summer reading program.  And, yes, he had the option to pass up the sliming. But, Rhett is a good sport and chose to be slimed anyway.

Natalie Walton, library youth services director, did the honors. The exact mixture that made up the slime remains a secret.