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January 19, 2020

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Letter: We did it!

Ada community now holds a Guinness World Record

Ada Community:
WE DID IT! The Ada Community now holds a Guinness World Record. According to Guiness, “The most people throwing an American football simultaneously is ​950​ ​and was achieved by Ada Schools (USA) with the support of Wilson Football Factory, Ohio Northern University and Liberty National Bank in Ada, Ohio, USA on 25 October 2019.”

CLICK HERE to read more about the record.

Gravely concerned about Ada Board of Education decision

Students' courage in showing up at this meeting was most admirable

Dear Community Members:
I remain gravely concerned about the callous decision of the Ada Board
of Education to endorse the elimination of one of the school’s most highly
acclaimed extracurricular programs, over the strenuous objection of 32
citizens at the November 2019 School Board meeting.  

Ada High School Winter Guard was effectively abolished last  August, unbeknownst to the Ada Music Boosters, students, parents, and the wider Ada community.  

Letter: Much about our community is going well

One question I must ask, however, is "What is wrong with our school administration?"


Dear Editor and Ada Community:

Much about our community is going well, and I appreciate the hard work and dedication of our public officials and volunteers, organizations, and businesses to make Ada a great place to work and live. One question I must ask, however, is "What is wrong with our school administration?"

Letter: Thank you for your support of the Ada Library on Nov. 5

Icon viewers:

Thank you Ada voters for supporting the Ada Public Library levy on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Members of the Ada Public Library
levy committee

Letter: Dominican Republic trip is a great opportunity

LETTER IN RESPONSE TO STORY Trip to Dominican Republic full of AHA moments:

Dr. North does a wonderful job taking students to the Dominican. It's a great opportunity for the students and it is a blessing for the residents of the Dominican Republic.

Richard Gainey

To read full story, Click here

Letter: We support the performing arts

Icon viewers: 

We write this letter to urge your support in regards to the Ada High School Winter Guard.