** ONU Civic Engagement Day is Saturday! **


** ONU Civic Engagement Day is Saturday! **

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Eva and Ken Wolke

August 18, 2017

Poetic License

We're assuming this is Peterson 2. It's a Hancock County plate the Icon spotted on a black Ford Expedition EL at the Bluffton Community Swimming Pool.

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Historical Ada

Old school

Ada's 2017-18 school year starts on Tuesday. Here's a gone-but-not-forgotten photo of what one time meant school in Ada.

What memories does this stir in your mind?

AHS yearbook staff 1977-78

Here is the Ada High School yearbook staff from the 1977-78 school year. Names of staff members are under the photo.

1968 Ada High School Latin Club

Let's see how well you remember your Latin. Try translating this: "Labor omnia vincit." It means: "Work conquers everthing." That's the phrase above this photo, which the Icon cropped out.

This is the Ada High School Latin Club from the 1967-68 school year. Names of the members are under the photo.

Nope - not Ada, but close

Nope, this isn't Ada, but your parents might recognize it.

It's the Bluffton swimming pool and Buckeye quarry from the 1950s. Paul Diller snapped these photos.

The pool was on the east side of the Buckeye. It is included a bath house, baby pool, larger pool going to 5 or 6 feet, and the Buckeye quarry for persons who could pass a swim test. The Buckeye had three diving boards.

Where you on the staff of "The Voice"?

Here's the staff of Ada High School "The Voice." Names of the staff members are under the photo. The school year is 1968-69.

30 marching band seasons ago

Here are the senior members of the 1987-88 high school flags. From left, Chris Manley, Amy Shroyer, Deb West, Monica Chambers and Amy Curtis. According to the school yearbook, these were new uniforms. The flag corp finished third in the Allen County Fair band show.

1967-68 school year cafeteria staff

Did you attend Ada schools during the 1967-68 school year? Here's the school cafeteria staff who provided you lunch each day. Names are under the photo.

Can you identify this Ada HS class?

It's tough to come up with a more popular photo than last week's 1967 band photo, but we'll try.

Here's the Ada high School class of 1988 - you can tell by the "big" hair - 30 school years ago.

Here comes the band - from 1967-68

Here's an interesting posed photo from the 1968 Ada High School yearbook. It shows several band members. Two Icon viewers who are members of the AHS class of 1968 provided IDs.

• From left, kneeling, Richard Roth; sitting on drum, Mary Hubbell.
• Back from left,  Carol Baughman, Director/teacher Max Ansley, Debbie Wirt,    Joyce Stobbe, Carol Bischoff, Linda English and Sharon Rodabaugh.

Landon's College Book Store

In 1953 Landon's College Book Store was the place in Ada where you could purchase sporting goods, typewriters and new and used college text books. George and LeIrma McElroy were the proprietors. The book store served ONU for over 50 years.

Can an Icon viewer identify the location of the bookstore for the record?