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Todd Madison

April 28, 2017

Poetic License

BACH 3 - does this mean that somewhere in Ohio is Bach 1 and Bach 2? The Icon spotted this plate on a slate-colored Chevy Cruze in Ada. And, it's on a Bald Eagle special plate. Anyone who can tell us about the plate's meaning, please let us know at: info@adaicon.com

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Historical Ada

Where you were in 1967?

Here's Ada school class representatives from the 1966-67 school year. Names and classes are listed under the photo.

Student council from 1926-27

Ninety school years ago, Ada High School had a student council. Here is a photo of that group. Last names of members are under the photo.

From 90 Ada school years ago

Did you know that Ada schools had student librarians as far back as 90 school years ago? Here's that group from 1927. Last names only are under the photo. The yearbook stated that this is the hardest working body in the school outside of the faculty and the annual staff. "Yet they receive no pay and very little thanks."


Interclass winners from 20 competitions ago

The Icon recently posted a photo of the 2017 Ada High School Interclass Competition winners.

Here are the winners from the 1996-97 competition. Each is a senior and each won their respctive category: Jake Lehman, Lindy Crouse, Anneka Lenssen and Tina Lobenhofer.

Here's the AHS pep band from 1988-89

Members of the Ada High School pep band during the 1988-89 school year. Names of members are under the photo.

For our next number...

Here's the Ada High School girls' choir from the 1988-89 school year. Names are under the photo.

They created the Ada HS yearbook - 40 yearbooks ago

Here's the Ada High School yearbook statt in the 1976-77.

From from left, Beth Cheney, Doug Cotsamire, Judy Keller, Diane Klingenberger, Deb Anspach, Tracy Forsythe, April Arlington, Teri Stahl and Paula Hines.

Standing from left, Brett Vottero, Linda Bischoff, Lori Klingler, Lynne Stansloski, Lori Simmons, Kathy Boutwell, Susan Badertscher, David Woodruff and Mark Reichert.

The yearbook editor was Judy Keller. The yearbook advisor was Kathy Lindabury.

Ada Kiwanis Club - charter member photo - 1924

Here are the charter members of the Ada Kiwanis Club, taken on April 25, 1924.

First row, from left: Ed Park, Paul Abt, Godfrey Ott, Emmitt Creators, Charles Moorehead and Barton Snyder.

Second row, from left; J.B. Stambaugh, Ellsworth McCoppin, Paul Droge, Wilbur Vorhis, Harry Sousley and Dr. Thomas J. Smull.

Third row, from left: Ernest Lowman, Fred Bentley, Pearl Moore, Lauren McElroy, Wilbur Dunlap, Joseph McAlpin and J. Guy Demming.

Is your grandmother in this photo?

An Ada Business and Professionals Women's Club existed in the community in the mid-1950s. Here's a photo of the members taken for the 1953 Ada centennial booklet.

There are many familiar names here. Who do you identify?

This was the Ada school board 60 years ago

Here's the Ada Exempted Village school board from 60 school years ago. It's the 1956-57 school year. Names of the board members are on the photo.