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April 4, 2020

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Amanda Fincher provides an update from Turkey

Note: Our most recent update on Amanda Fincher was on Sept. 7, the day before she left for Turkey. Amanda contact The Icon this past weekend. Here's her update:


I just finished my third week of classes and am preparing for my first exam. I am currently taking seven different classes. In my first week I attended a ceremony for the medical students where the official of the Department of Health in Turkey presented a speech and we were presented our 'white coats'. I attached a picture from after the ceremony with my university's flag.

I have typical sit down lectures with my professors, but I also have labs and clinicals where I am interacting with actual patients. So far I have learned how to sterilize things properly, how to take patient's medical history, and how to do a basic examination (checking vitals, using a stethoscope).

It is fall here, but not how I am used to it being in Ohio. It does not rain much and it is still in the 70's. The leaves on the trees here do not change much so the pretty colors of fall aren't seen here.

I have a break this week from classes for an Islamic holiday, so if you have any questions I should be able to respond in a timely matter.

Thank you!
Amanda Fincher