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August 7, 2020

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Want to know about Twitter in 140 characters or less? Read on

The Icon asked Alli Walbolt, our ONU intern, to explain Twitter to us and to viewers. Her explanation follows in a typical "Twitter" format. Except for her own name, the names here are imaginary.

If you have a social media question, sent it to info@adaicon.com. We'll forward it to Alli.

David Hartman @DHartman289
@Alli_Walbolt What is Twitter?

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@DHartman289 It’s a social media site to help you connect with friends, customers, or family by writing short messages they can read.

Nicole Brown @NikkiM1911
Why should I use Twitter?
Retweeted by David Hartman

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@NikkiM1911 To promote a business, keep in touch with friends & relatives, know what they’re doing & tell them what you’re doing.

John Pettis @Pettis124
How do I post?
Retweeted by Alli Walbolt

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@Pettis124 On the homepage there’s a box saying Compose new Tweet… Write what you want to say under 140 characters & click the button Tweet

Caitlin Barker @Caitlin_Barker
@Alli_Walbolt What does it mean to follow someone?

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@Caitlin_Barker The newsfeed on your homepage will feature tweets that people you follow have written.

Bill Foreman @Bill1717
@Alli_Walbolt Who should I follow?
Retweeted by Alli Walbolt

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@Bill1717 Friends, Family, Politicians, favorite businesses, celebrities, etc. With millions of users, the possibilities are endless.

Kara Drummond @KP_Drummond
Are there privacy settings?
Retweeted by John Pettis

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@KP_Drummond In settings theres a box that allows your tweets to be only seen by the people who follow you & you can allow or deny followers

The Dinostore @Dinostore
@Alli_Walbolt Can I promote my business on Twitter?

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@Dinorstore Yes. It is a perfect way to advertise & get your products out to the public. Tweet about products, deals or specials

Elvira Holt @EllieHolt_1975
What are retweets?
Retweeted by Alli Walbolt

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@EllieHolt_1975 You can retweet someone’s tweet so the rest of your followers can read it or someone can do the same for one of your tweets.

Diana Callanan @DLC572
@Alli_Walbolt What are Hashtags?

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@DLC572 It’s a word or multiple words used after the symbol # that you can click and see who else used that hashtag.

Jeremiah Henry @J_Henry192
What are trends?
Retweeted by Diana Callanan

Alli Walbolt @Alli_Walbolt
@J_Henry Hashtags or words that are being most frequently used in tweets around a certain city, just the U.S. or in the world.