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July 4, 2020

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Ada Theatre goes digital - that means 3D movies and more are on the way

By Alli Walbolt, Icon ONU intern
The Ada Theatre has officially gone digital!

This means the theatre has many more capabilities and endless ideas on the way for movie-goers. Some capabilities include, 3D technology, the ability to play DVDs, faster and easier obtainment of a movie and higher definition.

James and Sheri Curlis, who bought the theatre about a year ago, are very excited about this new technology.

Sheri said, “People could actually rent the theatre.” She also talks about all the possibilities that are to come, such as, gaming tournaments, birthday parties, or just a 50- person group of friends who want to rent the theatre and watch a DVD.

They also talk about their collaboration with the Lion’s Club in Ada. The Lion’s Club plans to use the theatre to have a kid’s Christmas day where they will play a holiday movie and get a visit from Santa.

James and Sheri are happy that they are able to use the theatre to “reach out to the community so the community can use it.”

They said that they want the community of Ada and surrounding areas to feel welcome and be able to share the space with them.

Along with the changes, the theatre will be featuring the second part of "Breaking Dawn" on Nov. 15 at 10 p.m. instead of at midnight and - depending on the amount of people that will show up, they will also have a showing at midnight.

Breaking Dawn: Part 2
Showtimes: Nov. 15, 10 p.m., midnight
Tickets on sale now

Summary: After Bella and Edwards daughter, Renesmee, is born the Volturi are alerted to perceived threat of the child. In learning that the Volturi are coming to kill the child, the Cullen’s bring in many other vampire tribes to train in order to go to war with the Volturi. All this happens in the midst of Bella getting used to being a newborn vampire.

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