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August 7, 2020

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Commentary: My first presidential election voting experience

Note: Alli Walbolt, an ONU student, is an intern for The Ada Icon this fall.

Being able to exercise my right to vote has always been an exciting thing for me. In 2010 I registered to vote within a month of my 18th birthday. I couldn’t wait to vote in my first ever election, though it wasn’t quite as glamorous.

This year was my first presidential election and I was more involved in politics than I ever had been. I watched the debates and other political coverage, read articles and candidate platforms, and researched issues and people that would be on my ballot.

I decided to vote early so I could go on the weekend and have more time to wait in line and vote. I knew there might be a line, but when I arrived at the board of elections in Bowling Green, Ohio, I was surprised. The line wrapped around, like a Cedar Point line, three times and ended up at the entrance. My mom and I waited for about an hour in the line, where we were asked to fill out a piece of paper with our information, and finally got to the desk to give them are papers.

The people working there were very nice and efficient. They gave us our card to vote and a sticker then we waited about five minutes until a voting booth opened up. There were eight electronic booths in all, but they didn’t provide very much privacy. When I got to the booth I inserted my card, with a little trouble, it had been a while since I voted last. Then I began to choose candidates. It was helpful to know beforehand who was on the ballot and what I was voting for so it took only a couple minutes and I had finished.

I felt great about voting and potentially seeing the candidates I voted for win. It makes me feel like I am helping to make a better country for myself and others. I will definitely continue to exercise my right to vote in the future; not only in presidential elections, but also in general elections.