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August 3, 2021

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Talk with Austin Cobb and soon the subject turns to baseball

We met up with Austin Cobb, Ada High School senior, in study hall. He was at his usual table with Micah Roberson, Brenden Szippl and Kellen Decker.

What classes are you taking this semester?
English, Ceramics, Sociology, Algebra II, French I, Communications and Yearbook.

Do you play on any sport teams?
Yes, basketball and baseball. I pitch and play shortstop in baseball.

Tell me about your best-ever baseball game.
It was last summer on the Lima American Legion team. I was a pitching relief in the fourth inning and I took the game in 11 or 12 innings. It was against Troy.

When did you discover baseball?
When I was very young – as soon as I found a baseball. My favorite team is the Reds. I saw them clinch the division title last fall. I caught one of the player’s sweatbands after the game. They were tossing them into the crowd. It was great.

Who did you attend the game with?
Katelyn Guagenti and I went. The tickets were a birthday present from her parents.

Which Reds player would you like to meet?
Brandon Phillips.

I understand you moved here in the fifth grade. Do you remember who you sat beside?
I was in Mr. Baker’s class. I sat beside Gabe Sutton and Dakota Frazier.

Do you have any college plans?
I’m accepted at Bluffton University. I may major in early childhood education. I’ll try out for the baseball team. The Legion’s home field is in Bluffton and I started going over there and got to know the university. My mom attended Bluffton also.

Do you have an after-school job?
I work in Little Mexico, in the kitchen.

How are the tips?
On slow night between $10 and $15. On busy nights sometimes $40.

Do you have a favorite food creation at Little Mexico?
Take a large taco shell, add Mexican potatoes, taco meat, nacho cheese and hot sauce.  That’s my favorite. I make it for myself.

What car did you drive when you took your driver’s test?
My white Grand Am GT. It’s a 1999 with about 138,000 miles on it. I passed on my first try. I took the test about two months after I turned 16. It’s the car I drive to school.

Tell me more.
Well, I’m taking donations for a new car. Sometimes the window doesn’t go up. It sounds like it has a V8 truck engine.

I get the idea.

You live on a farm, right?
Yes. It’s a small farm with corn and ‘beans. Sometimes I cut the corn. We have two Holstein cows.

Could you ever be a farmer?

Tell me about your prom plans. Or, should I ask, when are you going to start thinking about prom?
I’m getting my tux this weekend in Kenton.

What will prom cost you?
The tux is almost $200.

No idea. There will probably be a group of us. It might cost between $50 and $60 a couple.

Where are you going to eat?
Don’t know yet. Last year we went to a Japanese place in Findlay.

Are you planning to drive the ’99 white Grand Am?
Are you kidding?  A group may rent a limo.

One final question – what’s your latest X Box game.
There’s a really good one, NBA 2K13. I play X Box between three and five hours a week.

Thanks for talking with me. I’ll watch for you on prom night.