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July 13, 2020

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Ask Brent Numbers, Ada senior, how many fingers he's broken in football

We met Brent Numbers, Ada High School senior, with a group of his friends earlier this week.

What classes are you taking this semester, Brent?
English 12, Sociology, Art I, Ceramics II, Algebra III and Personal Finance.

Tell me about your athletic participation.
I played football, left tackle and was all-state. I also throw shot and discus in track.

What are your personal bests and tell me about the school records in these events?
My personal best in the shot is 40 feet and in discus, 140. I’m trying to break the school records, which are 52 in shot and 165 in discus.

Tell me about your best game in football.
I only allowed two quarterback sacks all season. One in the Crestview game, the other against LCC. My best game was against St. Henry. All week coach was telling me about the guy I’d face. I shut him down.

What schools are you looking at next year?
I’m looking at Ashland, Defiance and Kentucky Wesleyan. It’s on the Ohio River. I’d like to major in business management and some day open physical therapy clinics.

When did you move to Ada?
In the fourth grade. I think I sat beside Jon Robey. Mrs. Rumer was my teacher.

I understand you’ve won two categories in the senior class poll. What did you win?
I was named “best hair” and “mostly likely to never stop talking.”

Did either surprise you?

How many detentions did you tally because of talking too much?
My sophomore year, a lot. Maybe 12. During my junior year I was sent to the office three times.

Are you ready for prom? Tell me some of the costs involved.
I have a tux. It’s $140. It’s black with a blue vest and a snap on bowtie. I plan to buy blue shoes. They are $100. We are going with a large group. Don’t know where we are going to eat yet. The girls want to go to Tokyo Steak House. It will be a $50 meal for both of us.

I’m supposed to ask what is your favorite dance?
The Dougie.

What car are driving these days?
It’s a silver 2001 Pontiac Bonneville. Has about 120,000 miles on it. Before that it was a 2001 Chrysler Sebring. It had lots of problems. The ball joint broke two blocks from school. In the end it was towed.

I suppose you lift weights.
After school four times a week for about two hours each day. I bench 300, shoulder press 210 and power clean 245.

Have you ever watched a really lousy movie on Netflix?
Yeah. What was the name? Snow in the Bluff. I watched it with Eryck.
Eryck (listening in): It was a quite an experience.

I suppose you have some good junior high tee peeing stories.
The best was one was when a bunch of us got about 300 or more rolls. We went to Levi Klingler’s house. It looked like it snowed.
Jacob (also listening in): It felt right.

Then we went to Mr. Joachim’s, the high school government and history teacher, on the same night, but he didn’t have many trees. It wasn’t as good.

Who all participated?
Let me think. Mason Acheson, Jacob Ansley, Gabe Sutton, Chris James, Micah Roberson, Eli Roberson, Austin Dumbaugh and maybe Brendon Szippl.

What can you tell me about your first-ever job?
I detassled corn at Powell Seeds. It was in junior high. We walked through the rows on the farm.

Have any football injuries?
I’ve broken most – all – my finger since midgets.

What kind of music do you really despise?

Where do your store your music and how much do you have?
It’s on an IPod. I have about 1,000 songs. The most are by lil Wayne, maybe 300.

What’s the worst grade you ever received in school?
I remember once in chemistry I had a C on my grade card. Three-fourth of the grade was based on a paper. I didn’t do the paper. Then in junior high I had a zero on a test. It was to name all the presidents in order. I didn’t study and really did poorly.

Well, thanks for being honest with us. Good luck next year.