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July 11, 2020

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Ask Cole Tabor about his pumpkin patch - it's huge

The Ada Icon recently sat down with Cole Tabor, Ada High School junior. Here’s a segment of our conversation.

What classes are you taking this semester?
Cole: Varsity Singers, Algebra III, American Government, English II College Prep, and Art I A and B.

Any activities outside of academics?
Cole: I run track and play football. I’ll be a wide receiver in football next season. In track I run the 200, 400 and am on the 4 by 200 relay. My personal best in the 200 is 27.9 seconds and in the 400 1:10. Our relay was second at the Spencerville Relays.

What else?
I’m in book club. I love it.

How many books might you read in six months?
A good 20 to 30 books. I like fiction. My favorite author is J.K. Rowling.

How do you earn money?
I raise pumpkins. I’ve done this every year as long as I can remember. Last year we had 320 hills and there are from four to eight plants per hill. We had four varieties last year. We added white pumpkins last year. One was over 100 pounds.

College plans?
I’ll attend ONU. Not certain on a path yet. I love to draw, to make cartoons. I also like video game designs. That would be a really cool career. It would be totally me.

What’s the worst movie you ever saw? One that you’d like to have your money back.
The Hunger Games.

Yes, I didn’t like the book or the movie. I read the book. It started off way too slow. I went to the movie with an open mind. But the movie was a disappointment.

Did you see the movie on opening night?

You’ve attending school in Ada all your life. Can you remember anything about the first grade?
(thinking a minute). I can’t remember who I sat beside, or my teacher’s name. I do remember that it was fun. I was sent to the office a couple times for talking.

Any detentions in high school?
None. I was written up twice and, yes, it was my fault.

Tell me about your car?
I drive a tan Mercury Tracer. I don’t know what year it is. How many miles does it have? A lot.

Do you text your friends much?
On a good day over 200 texts.

When you are at home, not studying or reading, what are you doing?
Probably watching TV. I watch “Ridiculousness” on MTV and “Tosh.0” on Comedy Central.

What kind of music is on your IPod?
There’s between 200 and 300 songs. I’m not picky when in comes to music. I like it all, rock, country, heavy metal. I guess I’m pickier with food.

Tell me about it.
I never used to like bacon. Now I eat it every morning for breakfast.

If you could meet any famous living person, who would that be?
I’d really like to meet Robert Downey, Jr., and Justin Timberlake. I’d ask Downey what it’s like to be Tony Stark in Iron Man.

Are there movies that you have memorized? You know, you could turn off the sound and repeat the scripts?
I’m really into Disney. I’ve probably got the scripts memorized to The Lion King and Toy Story.

Tell me a little more about your art interests.
I like creating cartoons. I doodle all the time. I want to do something that people would enjoy.

If you created an Ada cartoon, what would it involve?
The main character would be a bulldog.

And tell me about your interest in writing.
I write multiple short stories all the time. I now have four or five stories in process.

Well, nice talking with you and good luck with your art and writing and your pumpkin patch.