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October 24, 2020

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OHSAA Board of Directors meeting highlights

OHSAA Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

The Ohio High School Athletic Association board of directors met Thursday for its regularly scheduled September meeting. The following are highlights from the meeting. The complete set of meeting minutes will be posted later at OHSAA.org.

-          The board reviewed the list of 30 schools that met the 2012-13 OHSAA Respect the Game Challenge. Eighteen of those schools also earned the Harold A. Meyer Award. The OHSAA will issue a separate release Friday with the list of schools and description of the awards.

-          The girls and boys soccer regional tournament draws were conducted and will be posted on the soccer pages at OHSAA.org. Sectional draw/seed meetings will be held around the state Oct. 6.

-          The 2014 and 2015 girls and boys track and field divisional alignments and representation were approved by the board and are posted at: http://www.ohsaa.org/members/sptdivis13.htm

-          Five schools were recently penalized for committing infractions of OHSAA bylaws or sports regulations. The list of schools, along with their infractions and penalties, is always included in the complete meeting minutes, however media members may request the list prior to the meeting minutes being posted by contacting Tim Stried, OHSAA Director of Information Services, at tstried@ohsaa.org.

-          The baseball coaches association made two proposals. First, to increase the number of playing dates that an individual player is allowed to participate during the baseball regular season from 27 to 32. (Note this would not change the number of team games permitted, which is 27.) Second, to expand tournament rosters from 18 players to 22. The board is expected to vote on the proposals at its December meeting.

-          The financial reports from the 2013 regional and state baseball and softball and boys state tennis tournaments were presented to the board. The baseball tournament saw a total state tournament attendance of 15,152, which is the fourth-highest all-time, and resulted in a net profit of $10,203. The softball regional and state tournaments resulted in a loss of $9,850, which included a total state tournament attendance of 6,630. The boys tennis state tournament saw a crowd of 1,141 and resulted in a loss of $5,674.

-          The board approved a correction to the Division I girls basketball tournament representation. Initially, Marietta High School was incorrectly listed as a Division II school and Chillicothe was listed as a Division I school. It has been corrected (Marietta is Division I and Chillicothe is Division II) and Marietta has been assigned to the Northeast District Athletic Board’s list of Division I schools for the sectional and district tournaments. After recalculating the formula to determine the number of regional qualifiers from each district, the addition of one more school to the Northeast resulted in the Northeast gaining one more Division I regional qualifier, while the Northwest lost a Division I regional qualifier. Therefore, the 16 regional qualifiers in Division I girls basketball will be comprised of the following district champions: seven from the Northeast, one from the Northwest, four from the Southwest and four from the Central/East/Southeast combined district.

-          The board approved the winter sports manuals. The manuals will be posted on the respective sports pages at OHSAA.org.

-          The board approved the 2013-14 OHSAA General Media Regulations and a one-year extension with Impact Action Sports Photographer to serve as the OHSAA’s official state tournament photographer.

OHSAA Football Statewide Scoreboard: www.hsgamecenter.com/ohsaa
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Aug. 26 Football Notebook: www.ohsaa.org/news/sports/2013-08-26FootballNotebook.pdf

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