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September 24, 2020

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Who am I? (I touched the Sydney Opera House)

By Alisa Armbrecht
Here's another in our continuing series of "who am I" - Ada residents. Here are some clues. Watch the Icon early next week for the answer.

~ I graduated from Ada Schools in 2011
~ My activities in high school included choir, show choir, band, FFA, 4-H, Girl Scouts, Junior Fair Board, and golf
~ I spent three months in Turkey studying medicine at Ataturk Hospital
~ I went on a hot air balloon ride in Turkey and would NEVER do it again
~ I spent six weeks in Australia on vacation
~ I got to touch the Opera House in Sydney (just touch, not go inside)
~ I went fishing (successfully) in the Sydney Harbor using only a string and ground beef
~ I got to hold a wild cockatoo in Australia, which is considered a native bird there
~ I am currently a student at OSU-Lima studying Biology

So…who am I? 

(Watch the Icon for the answer coming soon)