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July 4, 2020

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Shelby Conner: I'd like to take Will Smith to El Campo

Shelby, what year are you at Ada High School?
I’m a senior.

Tell us what classes you are taking this semester.
Communication, Psychology, College Prep English, Ag Business, Algebra III, Physics and I’m a student helper.

Have you started looking at colleges for next year?
Yes. Akron, Ohio State University and Bowling Green State University. I’m interested in psychology or social work.

Tell us about your interest in agriculture.
I’ve served as an officer in the Ada FFA for three years. I was in a 4-H club in Allen County and also was a member of Ada Barnyard Farmers 4-H Club.

What have you shown at fairs?
Rabbits and goats. At one time I had 12 Standard Rex rabbits and Californian rabbits and one Nubian goat.

What do you remember about kindergarten?
I think I sat beside Madison Pinks. Mrs. Smittle was my teacher. We did "sing color songs". Mrs. Smittle would place M & M’s on our desks. I remember that Austin Park colored on the carpet with a big yellow crayon. That was in the old building. We also watched chicken eggs that were in an incubator.

Are you a buyer or packer in the cafeteria?
Buyer. I’d probably chose baked potatoes most of the time.

Ever get a detention?
Three times last year. I was tardy for school.

What’s your locker look like?
Very empty. I don’t have many books.

What’s your favorite subject?
Psychology. I could see myself as a school counselor.

Tell us about the most disappointing movie you were saw. You know, one where you’d like to have your money back.
“This is the End.” Saw it in a theater. It had a terrible plot. Random. It was a horror comedy.

What car are you driving?
A 2002 yellow Chevy Cavalier. It has 140,000 miles and little rust. Mom calls it Banana Hammock.

Ever get caught tee-peeing?
Yes, the summer before my junior year. I was with a group of kids in Rawson – I have a friend who attends Cory-Rawson. Her dad drove us around.

You played soccer. Any injuries? What was your best game ever?
I played midfielder. No injuries. It’s nice having time after school now that soccer’s over. I’ll probably miss it eventually. My best game was the first game of this season. I had a lot of touches on the ball.

How many songs are on your phone?
Over 400. I listen to country, pop, and Indie stuff.

What group do you have more selections of than any other?
People will probably laugh at this: Foster The People.

Do you text your friends a lot?
All daylong. Back and forth probably 300 texts with about three people.

Who is the most famous person you’d like to meet and if you could take this person to lunch somewhere in Ada, where would you go?
Will Smith and I’d take him to El Campo Mexican Restaurant. It’s a nice small town restaurant. I’d probably ask him about the favorite part of his career and how he and his family handle being so famous.

Name a recent book you’ve read.
“The Road,” in CP English 11.  I liked it.

Plan on every having any tattoos?
None. I don’t want any. I have two piercings in my ears and my bellybutton was pierced when I was 16. My mom took me on that. It was painful.

When you are 80 what do you think kids will be doing?
They’ll probably have florescent tattoos that glow in the dark.

Well, it’s nice talking with you. Good luck in school this year.