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July 16, 2020

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15 minutes with Katlin Huggins (TenEyck), 2010 AHS grad

15 Minutes with Katlin Huggins (TenEyck)
By Torie Wright


You graduated from Ada High School in 2010. What have you been doing since then?
I attended Cosmetology School but am currently not doing that. I work for Westport Homes and am looking into getting my realtor's license and maybe going back to school in the near future.

How did you end up living in Indiana?
I moved to Indiana with Thomas and Jordan Hirn after we graduated high school. Honestly it was the best decision I made after high school.

Do you ever miss Ada? How often do you visit?
I have my moments. I always miss the small town where you can walk everywhere and talk to mostly anyone. And I always miss being close to my family. But then other days I’m thankful for where I am today. I always visit during the holidays and whenever I get some free time or if something comes up.

Do you keep in contact with many of your classmates?
Very few.

In high school, did you ever imagine your life being as it is now?
Honestly no. I didn’t think I was ever going to get married at my age and be in another state.

Congratulations on your marriage! How did you meet your husband? When did you know he was “the one?”
Ha, ha. Most people laugh at us when we tell them the story. We actually met each other on a dating site. When we first met each other we had a connection. As he went off to college in Wisconsin it got hard since he was 6 hours away, but I was still thankful for the connection we still shared and it actually grew stronger.

In May 2013 he asked me to marry him and I honestly can’t imagine my life without him.

Have you watched any good movies recently?
Fault in Our Stars and The Best of Me.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I don’t have much free time, but when I do I like to go to a peaceful place and just sit and count my blessings.

Have you done any traveling?
I have done some traveling. Not anywhere special, just to Ohio and Wisconsin. I have also been on a cruise to the Bahamas which was very nice.

What’s your dream vacation?
I would have to go with France. I have always wanted to go and explore.