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May 27, 2020

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15 with Tori Wyss - wait until you hear about her 6th grade tee-pee experience

What classes are you taking this semester?

Personal finance, psychology, calculus, helper in the media center, Spanish 4, AP English and physics.

You are a senior. What are your plans next year?

I’ve looked at ONU and plan to visit Ohio University. I’d like to major in pre-vet and then go to grad school and become a veterinarian specializing in large animals.

You live on farm, right? Do you have any animals?
I had a 500-pound pig, Willie. She had a heart attack and died. Now I have another pig. I never joined 4-H because I didn’t want to have to sell the animals. When I was younger I helped out at Green Tree horse stables.

What other farm experiences do you have?
I grew up on a farm and I work summers on my family farm. Tom Stechschulte is my grandfather. I used to be a carrot farmer. I’d cut off the tops of the carrots.

Tell me about your sports involvement in school.
Sports has taken over my life. I’m in basketball, volleyball and last year I played softball.

Give me your best tee-pee story.
This one is pretty good. In the sixth grade we – Gabby Linnon, Alex Amburgey and Morgan Wellborn – went to my cousin’s house. She’s Cayce Rowe and lives in Allen East. Alex’s mom drove us. Morgan touched an electric fence and got a shock. I fell in an open sewer hole that I didn’t know was there. Gabby (sorry, we can’t read our notes – don’t know what happened to Gabby.)

Tell us about your homecoming dress.
It’s navy blue and silver.

What car do you drive to school?
(Laugh) I have a 2006 Hummer with over 100,000 miles on it. It’s red with a silver trim. It gets about 14 miles per gallon in town and 18 on the highway. My parents wanted me to drive a big car, so they got a Hummer. I drive to school with my sister, Haley, who is a sophomore.

Name your all-time favorite movie.
That would be The Lion King. I’ve watched it over 50 times. I have the first movie, the second and the first and-one-half version.

How many songs are on your I pod?
500. I like country. I think, however, most of my friends might be surprised to learn that I also listed to Kid Cudi.

How many books might you read in a week?
Probably three a week. I like science fiction.

Any advice you want to give to your younger sister?
Try not to stress out about high school.

Thanks for talking with us and good luck this year in school.