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May 25, 2020

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Jane Moloney "just like family to us at Cole Motors"

This continues the series "15 Minutes with" featuring Jane Moloney who will retire May 1 after 40 years with Cole Motor Sales in Ada.

What changes have you seen in automobiles during the past four decades?
Cars today last longer, have better gas mileage, are more friendly to the environment, and are more comfortable.

What have your duties been at Cole Motors?
I assist customers when they pay their bills, do the daily bookkeeping and tax accounting, and answer phones.

What do you plan to do after retirement?
I like to garden, take day trips, volunteer, and pursue hobbies one of which is making stationary out of recycled paper.

What is the paper used for that you make?
I add various things to the paper such as glitter, live flowers, and ribbon. The paper can be used for stationary, recipe cards, and gift tags for example.

Do you have other interests?
Yes, I like to snow ski and cross country ski. I am hoping for more snow.

Are you from Ada?
Yes, I grew up here, graduated from Ada High School, got a business degree from the University of Northwestern Ohio. I have three brothers and a sister. I have been active in Our Lady of Lourdes Church here.

We caught up with company owner Steve Cole and he had this to say about her, "Jane is just like part of the family to us. She has an outgoing personality, very pleasant to customers, has a great work ethic, and her longevity has been an asset."