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November 13, 2019

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Observations, insights and sighting: Drones over Ada?

No Drones...Yet

Drones have been in the news the past couple of years. They have the potential to be used in delivery, farming, or just for fun. So, I asked the county extension office if they knew of a farmer near Ada who was using drones.  Nope, not yet was the reply; however, the FAA has come up with some guidelines that may encourage the use of drones in farming, they said.

I've read  that drones can fly over a field to detect insect or disease problems so much better than trying to "eye" the crop. Drones have the potential for spraying a small area to eliminate a problem, saving having to spray an entire field. Also, there is less chance of drift damage. There are probably other uses for drones in farming, as well.

Ada area farmers quickly began using GPS for planting, saving money, thus making more profit. Our local,  forward-looking farmers will probably start using drones soon. Let me know, if you do. That would make an interesting adaicon article.

The cost of drones has come down in price, and there are more kinds of drones...for fun, business, military use, etc. The future is exciting. Technology never stands still.

From Cold to Snow
We have contended with bitter cold, but the weekend snow brought out those who shovel, use snow blowers, and guys with blades on pickup trucks. An army of sidewalk cleaners was at work Saturday morning. For some Adaites, it was nice to be outside again after being cooped up indoors.  Going from a minus 24 wind chill to a plus 24 wind chill was substantial, felt almost Caribbean-like. Still, there is a dangerous amount of ice on many walks and parking lots that we just can't shovel away.

State snowplows have been hitting State Route 81 hard. Once snow begins, their trucks, with giant blades, roar down the highway many times, sometimes throwing the snow 25 feet from the roadway...don't get hit by the flying debris.

I've read, heard, spoken, and written a few words in my day, but came across a new one: couching. Has to do with a step in the paper making process. Learned that in an ONU art class, then, that same week, heard it spoken by Jane Moloney. Lots of words in the English language: new ones added, definitions change meaning...a fluid language and nearly worldwide. Always enjoyed the Reader's Digest Word Power column. Check it out.

Two Giants Meet
My dog Caesar, a golden retriever, met his match when he came upon Rolo, a Great Dane who weighs more than I do. Caesar was starved for dog play, having been confined to home most of the week due to the cold. Roll's owner said most other dogs are afraid of him because of his size. But I took a chance and let Caesar out of the car. Both the humans were leery of how they would get along. Conclusion: Famously. They even stood on their hind legs and 'hugged' each other.