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August 25, 2019

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Ada HS Sociology students reinvent Spirit Week

Ada schools is in the midst of “Spirit Week.” It’s a result of a Sociology class discussion led by teacher Kristin Salyer. 

Adults reading this may have a different concept of “high school spirit” from their own school days than students of today have.

Students in Salyer’s junior and senior Sociology class at Ada High School recently focused on collective behavior. From that a discussion started on how and why social movements form.

Salyer said, “In one particular discussion, I gave students an assignment to talk to their parents about generational differences.

“One difference my students brought in was that school spirit was much stronger when their parents were in school. We talked about why this might be so and what ‘we’ could do to fix this.”

The Sociology class came up with ideas for spirit days and how it could encourage participation.

Students used social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to encourage their peers to participate. They made posters and flyers for the teachers, staff and students. They posted them around the school for awareness of their project.

Students were also encouraged to attend Ada extra-curricular events including basketball games, swim meets, show choir competitions, quiz bowl and other activities.

“We hope that our emphasis this specific week will encourage students to get more involved at school and have fun,” Salyer said.

“We thought that too many students ‘take themselves too seriously’ and are afraid to have fun and be creative.

“It has been a really good week. I am an Ada graduate myself and it is nice to see the kids dress up like we did when I was in school.”

For Salyer that was not very long ago – as she graduated here in 2007.

During Spirit Week, in process this week, on Monday seniors dressed up as senior citizens. Many of them raided their grandparents’ closets and shopped at ReStore and Goodwill for clothes. There were many walkers and canes around the halls.

Juniors dressed as adults, sophomores as children and freshmen as babies. The elementary was also divided, but in reverse order.

Teachers dressed like they did when they were in school.

Other themes this week include:
• Tuesday- Cowboys and Indians
• Wednesday- Dress as your favorite character from TV or a movie.
• Thursday- Dress like your favorite teacher. Teachers will dress like a student in 2016.
• Friday- Purple and gold

Photo IDs:

• Alissa Thomas, junior, portrays Tarois, the traveling police box in the Dr. Who series. Meanwhile, Noah Arnett, eighth grade, portrays the good doctor, himself.

• Kristin Salyer and a group of students who dressed the part for "dress as your favorite character from TV or a movie.