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August 5, 2020

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Want to have a successful party? Invite a pigeon!

Photos and story by Monty Siekerman

If you ever want to have a successful party for young children, throw a Pigeon Party That's exactly what the Ada Public Library did Friday afternoon.

In this photo, youngsters listen to Natalie Walton read one of Mo Willems' books. The kids found out why pigeons don't drive busses.

At the party, the children enjoyed crafts, games, a treasure hunt, and snacks. The smiles on the youngsters' faces proved the party's success.

Here are two brief personal comments about pigeons in Ada.
Although pigeons are rare in Ada (a nuisance in big cities), one came to roost in a line of tall trees that I once owned north of town. He/she (it is difficult to determine the sex of a pigeon) stayed for a couple of weeks.

Pigeons mate for life, this one had no mate. It would fly close by me, but would never feed from my hand. This bird was probably not a city dweller since those from metro areas do not hesitate to take food that is offered to them.

One day, the pigeon that I tried to befriend was gone...perhaps he/she found a mate or died. Pigeons can live about 15 years, but they have many predators and seldom reach old age.

The other story: many years ago, a white dove landed on my windowsill when I lived on Johnson Street. At the same time every afternoon, it would fly away. This happened daily for several weeks.

The dove (pigeons and doves are the same thing, when it is pretty I call it a dove) was pure white.

One day, it, too disappeared. A year later when I was talking with a friend, doves became part of the conversation.

I found out that at the same time each afternoon the dove flew away from my property to her home, which was two blocks away. Little did we know, at the time, that we had once shared a "pet."


• A pigeon hat---what every well-dressed young lady needs, especially if you are at a Pigeon Party. Owen Gordon helps daughter Adelynne, 4, put on her hat.

• The Ada Public Library has a big collection of Mo Willems' books, 24 to be exact. The books are popular with young children

• John Spiese, 3-year-old.