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May 25, 2020

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Once upon a time in Ada: 100 years ago Ada High School orchestra organized

Once upon a time in Ada
Things you didn’t know about your own hometown
By Lee Crouse

1916 the Ada High School Orchestra was organized in the year 1916 with the following members playing their respective parts:

Director, Hazel Dobbins; Pianist, Khiva Harvey; First Violin, Louella Phillips, Lowell Snyder, Maurice Elder, Virgil May, John Wells; Cornet, Mark Shanklin, Carl Klingler, Merle Agin, Paul Poling; Clarinet, Donavan Isham;

Second Violin, Mary Cotner, Mildred Ames, Jesse Klingler; Trombone, slide, Warren Leonard, Donald Fridley; valve, Roscoe Klingler, Mark Myers; Traps, Stanley Miller.

The Orchestra was accompanying the chorus singing of the entire High School at the regular chapel exercises.

The public performances of the Orchestra thus far have been limited to - The Washington’s Birthday Program of the High School. The Reception at the Church of Christ, and the Inter-Class Contest.