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July 17, 2019

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Ever take a gander at Ada, Ohio videos on YouTube?

Ever take a gander at Ada, Ohio videos on YouTube? You might describe the collection of short clips as crazy, eclectic, or down right homey.
Some show historical pictures of people and places. Maybe you'd enjoy watching a three-minute vid of a train blowing through Ada. There are plenty of videos of Wilson's. How about a time lapse of Ada at night, or the sad scene of the United Methodist Church burning to the ground? Like to see squirrels at play in Ada. Is their play in Ada any different than anywhere else?
Got a few minutes? It's fun to watch some of the vids. Just call up your YouTube and search Ada, Ohio. You'll have a few good reminisces or a laugh or two. Most videos are under three minutes. There are many. Some have had a couple hundred views while others have been seen thousands of times.
Here's a special note about one kind of video---trains rolling through town.  Now, for me, you see one train you've seen them all. But there are train devotees who set up shop along the track, usually by the Ada Depot, and video the entire train barreling through.
Somehow, these people know when a train is due and what type of stuff it's hauling, like oil, grain, autos.
Having gardened the Depot Park for three years, I occasionally took time away from the plants to chat with these fellows....asking why do you do this? The answer: they love trains, always have.
My next question to them: what do you do with the videos? Apparently, there is a loose-knit group of people all over the country who do this. They post the videos for each other to see. Well, a few of their vids have ended up on Ada, Ohio, YouTube...so, if interested, take a look. Watch trains, how to make a football, or take a 7 minute tour of the Depot Park. It's all there.