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Steve Guyton

May 24, 2017

Poetic License

Who ya for? The answer: both. This ONU and OSU supporter wears his school loyalty on his sleeve...or, in this case, his license plate. The two-university plate was spotted on a black Altima on ONU's campus.

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Let's take a look at Bluffton spring blooms

Last week we viewed spring in Ada

Ada Icon and Bluffton Icon are sharing spring photos this week.

Last week, Ada posted photos of our town's spring blooms. We are sharing those photos on the Bluffton Icon this week.

In return, we're sharing Bluffton's spring photos.

Please enjoy the photos of spring in Bluffton - attachment at bottom of story -

It’s mid-April. Let’s cruise Bluffton.

In our quick trip you’ll notice lots of reds, pinks and in-between shades as trees put on their spring robes. In a few weeks lots more blooming things will catch our attention.

We’ll watch for those, too.

And, until May comes, here’s Bluffton in its favorite April colors. We’ll start in the middle school front lawn and proceed from there.

Please open the 20-page photo attachment to view our photos.

CLICK HERE TO view Bluffton's spring photos.