Community meal Wedsday at St. Mark's Lutheran - 5-6:30 p.m.


Community meal Wedsday at St. Mark's Lutheran - 5-6:30 p.m.

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Nancy Louise Wood Allison

April 23, 2017

Poetic License

BACH 3 - does this mean that somewhere in Ohio is Bach 1 and Bach 2? The Icon spotted this plate on a slate-colored Chevy Cruze in Ada. And, it's on a Bald Eagle special plate. Anyone who can tell us about the plate's meaning, please let us know at:

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New residence hall named for Deviers

A new $6.5 million residence hall at Glen Oakes Community College has been named in honor of former Ada residents David H. and Patricia A. Devier. Dr. Devier, who taught at ONU for 15 years, is now president of Glen Oakes in Centreville, Mich. He also writes an occasional column for the Ada Icon about ONU/Ada memorabilia that the couple has collected over the years.

The residence hall is scheduled for completion in August. The three-story, 108-bed, student housing project plans include two- and four-suite units that share kitchen and living areas and two bathrooms.

“This residence hall project is one that Dr. Devier conceived from the start in
suggesting that we do the feasibility study, and to keeping us going down
that route, including visiting other community college residence halls,”
said Joni Smith, trustee. “I strongly feel that this building should be
named after the Deviers, because without his vision, this facility would not
be here today.”
Devier has been instrumental in the decision to construct student housing and
has provided a gift of $16,000 for the design, construction and
installation of the signage on the exterior/interior of the building.