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July 13, 2020

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Once upon a time in Ada

Once upon a time in Ada

Things you didn’t know about your own hometown

By Lee Crouse


April 1907 B.H. Tarleton of the Magnetic Fire Alarm company brought from Toledo Ada’s first automobile, a Reo.

April 1907 The Ada High School held its first interclass contest

April 7, 1909 Post office went beyond $10,000.00 at local office and now has to give free city delivery. Now houses have to be numbered. A petition was circulated among the Gilbert street residents to change the name to Maple Avenue but council didn't want it changed. Mr. Welsh suggested renaming Mill and Hooser streets.  He said they are about as appropriate and poetic as Sow and Sorghum would be". The division between North & South Main Street brought on a lengthy discussion. The railroad was agreed upon to be the division.