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July 13, 2020

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Once upon a time in Ada

Ada High School's first football team

Once upon a time in Ada

Things you didn’t know about your own hometown

By Lee Crouse


September 1906: Ada High School’s first football team consisted of Paul Rothrock, guard; Paul Price, quarterback; Eugene “Stubby” Peterson, tackle; Warren Wagner, only sub.; Norman “Eph” Freund, halfback; Bruce “Chick” Landon, end; Charles Henry, tackle; Leslie Lyle, guard; Dale “Snakes” Stauffer, manager; Eddie Jameson, center; Alden Elliott, end and Roy “Babe” Marty, fullback.

The first game was played at Findlay in September 1906. The score was Findlay 28, Ada 0. The “0” was not an abbreviation for Ohio. Dr. C.H. Freeman was superintendent of schools. Ada had no coach, no quarterback, just one substitute, and no second team. The right side of the line played against the left side for practice on the Ohio Northern field back of Taft gym one year, and later at what is now Memorial park. Prof. Grover Kreglow of Ohio Northern, father of J.J. Kreglow, Ada high schools vo-ag instructor, taught some of the fundamentals when ONU was not using the field.

For home games the team dressed at their homes and walked to the field and lined up without fanfare. The team won a few games that first season, but the one they best remembered is the one they lost to Fostoria. One of our boys was knocked out early and Sub Warren Wagner took over. He too was knocked out and we played the last 20 minutes with only 10 in the lineup. The Fostoria quarterback noticed pretty early that we were shy about tackling when the back carried the ball, so he ran the legs off us, 58-0.

This was submitted to the Ada Herald by Roy Marty.