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November 27, 2020

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Blanchard Pleasant Buckeyes met

The Blanchard Pleasant Buckeyes meant Monday evening, June 19th, at the Hardin Northern Ag Building.  The meeting consisted of 23 members, 8 advisors, and 5 guests.  Recreation that night was limbo led by Makenna Ebling.  The 4-H pledge was also led by Makenna Ebling and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Alyssa Heldman.

Kylee Clem led role call.  Katie Good also baked and frosted a cake and brought it in to tell us how to properly bake and frost a cake.  Mara Ruhlen and Renee Newton also gave a demonstration on rabbits.  Vern Woodruff also brought up the topic of the demonstration contest and deadlines for that.

Trivia was led by Alyssa Heldman.  The meeting was moved to be adjourned by Jonah Ruhlen and seconded by Lainey Thomas.  Zoey Curtis led the Lord's Prayer.  Refreshments were provided by Alyssa Heldman.