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December 13, 2019

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Ada Rocks!

Thoughts on the painted rocks trend

By Monty Siekerman
Pet rocks are passé.
The trend now is painted rocks.
I found one in the landscaping of a church in Ada on Friday afternoon. It made my day.

As editor/reporter/photographer of the Ada Icon, it's my duty to keep an eye out for news, even underfoot. So, there it was, staring up at me with blue and gold lettering:

"FL 2017."
I picked it up, of course and have done a little Facebook research on painted rocks.

The reverse side of the smooth stone said:
# Titusville

The egg-shaped, egg-sized stone, is meant to be relocated. Facebook says to take a picture of it, then report where you found it and post the info on Titusville Rocks. Maybe, just maybe, someone will find where I have put it (not hard to find, hint trains) and report the discovery on Facebook @ Titusville Rocks.

The Kennedy Space Center is near Titusville. Perhaps, it will be better known now for its painted rocks since there isn't much happening in space shots anymore.
Titusville is 1,016 miles away...how did it get here, in the landscaping of the Ada First United Methodist Church? Where will it go from here?

Checkout Painted Rocks on Facebook. There are tutorials on how to paint them (like flowers or bugs, for example) and samples of some creative paint jobs.

Ruth Roider, our Main Street artist, has talked about getting a group together at her Gallery for the Arts to select, paint, and hide rocks in Ada.

Why not? Ada Rocks!