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March 28, 2020

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“Human trafficking is real and in our area”

Statement from Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart

Here’s a statement from Sheriff Keith Everhart about being suspicious and and asking residents to be alert to human trafficking:

“Folks, Hardin County experienced something this past week that makes me ill. A local business in the county had a man who was a truck driver stop in to purchase food. The man asked a lot of very inquisitive questions in regards to who everyone was at the establishment.

“He also wanted assistance carrying the food to his truck. Now mind you, nothing he did was illegal; however, it does seem suspicious when it comes to human trafficking. Folks I cannot tell you enough that human trafficking is real and in our area.

“The business owner did a great job by being suspicious, not having one of the young ladies assist with carrying out the food and by calling the Sheriff's Office.

“I am not posting this to scare anyone. I am posting this to remind you to always be suspcious of strangers and never put yourself or your employees in a position to be alone with customers who are strangers.

“The threat of human trafficking is real everyone, and I encourage all of you to take it seriously.”