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January 23, 2019

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Richard the Rooster rides again

He made it through the winter of '17-18 and appears to be going strong

Story by Monty Siekerman - Photo by Karen Ward
Karen Ward, who has produced a photo book of Ada (available at Gallery for the Arts), sent the Ada Icon this photo last week.

She writes, “Came across this crowing rooster in the 500 block of South Johnson today at 6:30 a.m. Guess he made it through the winter. He does like his picture taken.”

The Icon has been reporting on Richard the Rooster since last summer when he first appeared among the houses along Johnson.

For a complete run down on Richard’s last nine months, go to the Icon search bar on the Homepage and type in “Rooster.” It is rather remarkable how he has survived minus zero winter days, the many cars that travel the busy street, and roaming predators.

So, I had a chat with Chet last week about Richard. Chet, who lives in one of the houses that Richard visits, said that some mornings he tosses grain out for the bird, especially those days when Richard the Rooster is on his front step crowing cock-a-doodle-doo at daybreak. Richard knows where to go for a free handout.

Chet says Richard lives in a tall, thick pine tree along the 500 block of South Johnson. He flies high into the tree when his day is done. But I’m not quite sure what a cock does all day, except dodge danger and peck around for food.

Have you seen this survivor, a proud-strutting misplaced chicken with an eagle eye for danger? If so, let us know your reaction to seeing him in the comments section. Richard whispered, “Eat beef.”