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July 22, 2019

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If you sing, you should audition

Noteworthy Community Choir auditions this month

Noteworthy Community Choir was established as a non-profit choral organization to develop personal and community artistry.  Twenty-five singers joined the opening season. Auditions are being held throughout August.  

From “Treble Makers” to “Expressions,” there is a choir available for singers ages 6 - 86+.  “Sounds” and “Voices” are offered in both Ada and Lima, and “Treble Makers” and “Expressions” are offered in Ada.

“Treble Makers” is a non-auditioned group for singers ages 6 - 9+.  Singers 9 - 89+ are accepted by successful audition into all other choirs, “Sounds,” “Voices” and “Expressions.”  No previous choir experience is necessary - simply a desire to sing and an ability to sing on pitch.

Please contact Noteworthy Community Choir at 419-679-8259 or email info@noteworthycc.org.  Schedules and tuition information can be found atwww.noteworthycc.org