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July 5, 2020

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Paranormal finds

Ohio Ghost Gals tell their story at the library

By Monty Siekerman
What equipment does it take to root out a ghost, discover an apparition, find an ethereal being? Stacy Perkins can tell you. She spoke at the Ada Public Library on Saturday morning, telling of paranormal finds that she and three other Ghost Gals from Lima have discovered the past six years.

To search out paranormal activity one needs a Boo Bear, a stuffed animal that reads room temperature and movement as well as talks, trying to get the ghost to talk back. Put a recorder by Boo Bear’s feet and you’ve capture what the ghost says. 

Other equipment includes a laser-light grid, an electronic magnetic field meter, night vision video camera, and, of course, flashlights. One also would need a “spirit box” which picks up the sounds of spirits.

Don’t want to purchase all of those investigative tools and spend the time searching, then you can call the Ohio Ghost Gals who will investigate free: 419-234-1717.

PHOTO: Stacy Perkins with paranormal investigative equipment, including Boo Bear.