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July 5, 2020

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What are you reading?

For Natalie Conn it's all about animals

By Darlene Bowers
“He's the strongest man in the world.' 'Man, yes,' said Pippi,
'but I am the strongest girl in the world, remember that.”
― Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking

Natalie Conn, age 11, Homeschooler in 6th grade, lifelong Ada resident

Natalie Conn’s favorite book is The Backyard Goat by Sue Weaver.

Natalie informs, “It has a bunch of good info about keeping goats as pets. I just got two mini goats and this book has helped me care for them and understand more about keeping goats as pets, including fun tricks they can do like shake, agility, pull carts and more!”

This non-fiction gem is considered an introductory but very thorough guide for anyone considering raising goats. The book covers goat anatomy, breeds, care, nutrition, and environment. The author includes extensive information for those raising goats for milk, cheese and/or fiber production or merely for pleasure. Did you know that approximately three million goats live in the United States?

Goat popularity surged following the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis and goat milk is the most popular kind of milk worldwide.

Reading about animals and learning new things seem to be highly important to Natalie Conn. Aside from the cherished tale of the spunky and adventurous Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren which Natalies is currently reading, her recommended reading list includes all non-fiction animal books:

• The Complete Cat Breed Book by Kim Dennis-Bryan (juvenile non-fiction)

• Poultry Breeds by Carol Ekarius (non-fiction)

• A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens by Melissa Caughey (juvenile non-fiction)

• Wet Dog by Sophie Gamand (photography of dogs, non-fiction)

• Totally Cute Puppies by Ticktock Books (Totally Cute Pets series, non-fiction)

So what are your favorite books? What books do you recommend to others? Join in, fill out the Ada Icon/Ada Public Library Favorite Book Survey (see attachment below or pick one up at the library) and submit your recommendations. Let’s start a reading revolution or at least have a spectacular time sampling all sorts of reads and exploring the Ada Public Library.