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October 24, 2019

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Ada in this issue of Sports Illustrated

Extensive feature on "how a cow becomes a football"

From Farm to Field, and Every Point Between: How a Cow Becomes a Football.

That’s the title of an extensive story in the Jan. 31 Sports Illustrated written by Kalyn Kehler. And, the story mentions the Wilson faculty in Ada, including photos of footballs being made.

The lead-in to the story states: “You’ve seen it snapped, thrown, kicked and spiked. But chances are you’ve never considered the origin story of an NFL ball – or how painstaking the process is to get every detail just right.”

The feature also mentions Rodabaugh Brothers Meats, Pandora, a supplier, and Tom Wagner, Bluffton farmer, and steer producer.

The story comes with a caveat: This story contains descriptions from inside an animal slaughterhouse that some readers may find disturbing.

To view the story, click here.