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September 30, 2020

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You can have your chocolate and eat it too

7th annual library chocolate bake-off was Saturday's book to check out

Check the photos below -

Hey, kids, invite Timothy Chrissobolis to your next party.

Hey, adults, invite Timothy’s mom, Erin, to your next party. And don’t forget to ask them to bring something chocolate for dessert.

The mother-son duo won first place in their respective divisions (adult and youth) in Saturday’s 7th annual chocolate bake-off at the Ada Public Library.

Timothy entered a brownie cake with cookie butter frosting. His mom entered an Oreo chocolate cake.

Depending upon how you looked at it, the four judges either had a very tough time or, had the time of their life, tasting and scoring the entries.

There were many, many other chocolate creations at the table. For example, a double velvet cake with chocolate ganache, a heart cake, chocolate muffins, three-layer chocolate cake and more chocolate cookies than you thought existed.

Judges were Jackie Sperling, Liz Vogt, Nancy Wyche and Sam Bell.

Jackie took the time to comment on each of the entries prior to announcing the winners.

“Would I take seconds or go home with it?” said Jackie, as one of her judging criteria.