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November 27, 2020

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Detachable collars now in store shelves

By Lee Crouse
February 1950 - Classroom Idea of ONU Student Places Detachable Collars on Store Shelves - Don Koch, ONU student, came up with the idea of a detachable shirt collar when he became too warm during class. He cut a collar from a sport shirt and fitted it with ordinary snaps to a V-neck sweater. A Canandaigua, New York, knitting firm signed a contract on Dec. 6, 1949, and started producing the collars. A patent was applied for in the inventor’s name. The Greenawalt store in Ada was the first store in the United States to offer Mr. Koch’s detachable collar for sale.

June 1950 sale of Moore’s News stand to Russell Reese was announced by Otho Moore, who has operated the business for the last five years. It will now be known as Reese’s News stand. The place is a popular recreation spot in addition of newspapers, magazines, etc. Mr. More has been forced by ill health to give up the business. He purchased the stand from Charles A. Patterson in August 1945.

June 1950 a new campsite for local Boy Scouts has been provides by James Motter in his woods one-half mile west of Ada airport and one-half mile north, along the banks of Hog creek.

July 1950 an agreement to purchase the Immanuel Lutheran church building at 405 East Kibby Street, Lima, has been signed by the Ada South Side Church of Christ.