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July 24, 2019

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45 minutes of Shakespeare

Ada HS sophomore advanced English students meet the bard in the form of John Robert Armstrong


William Shakespeare visited a sophomore advanced English class at Ada High School on Wednesday.

Representing the English bard was former Ohio Northern University assistant professor of acting, John Robert Armstrong, who returned to Ada this week for a visit.

The 23 students in the class taught by Melody Veltri discovered that though the playwright died over 400 years ago, he left us with many phrases common in today’s vernacular.

Consider: Mum’s the word, something was dead as a doornail, too much of a good thing, seen better days, and, all Greek to me. Thank Mr. Shakespeare for these.

Armstrong, a classical actor, is now chief operating officers of Pigasus Pictures.

His invitation to talk with Ada sophomores was because they are currently studying Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.”  The drama carries the famous line “Et tu, Brute?”

“Shakespeare told every kind of story,” said Armstrong. “And, that’s what makes him so interesting today. He articulates the human condition.”

Armstrong’s talk was sprinkled with many Shakespearian lines. A video at the bottom of this story includes one of those.

John Robert Armstrong 4-2019