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November 21, 2019

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Once upon a time in Ada

Hardin County participated in a test blackout in 1943

By Leland Crouse
April 8, 1943

Ada and Hardin County participated in a test blackout with 20 north central Ohio counties at 8:05 slow time.

Test No.1 will be given only to “key” personnel of the corps, such as members of the staff, and chiefs of service. This signal will not be heard by the public.

Warning No. 2: On this signal a preliminary audible signal consisting of a steady blast of the siren for not less than two minutes, the civilian defense corps will mobilize. Lights in homes and all street lights will be blacked out. Automobiles may move at reduced speed with lights on low beam. Pedestrians take shelter - get off the streets. Traffic, except for emergency vehicles, must stop.

Warning No.3: On this warning, a series of short blasts of the siren for not less than two minutes, all remaining lights are blacked out except authorized emergency lights. Pedestrians take shelter. Traffic, except for emergency vehicles will stop.

Warning No.4: An “all clear” condition will be indicated by turning on street lights.

For test blackouts, passengers in buses and motor vehicles will not be required to leave their cars and seek shelter.

Violations of requests made by air raid wardens will be reported to proper authorities.