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August 25, 2019

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Sports medicine experience from Duke and OSU to Bluffton Hospital

Dr. James Davidson, M.D., has Wednesday afternoon clinics in Bluffton

Dr. James Davidson, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, says he treat patients as if they are a member of his family.

“My approach is non-surgical, first. If that fails, then try surgery,” he said, during a conversation in the Bluffton Hospital Clinic earlier this week.

Dr. Davidson is a partner in Blanchard Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Findlay. He sees patients in Bluffton on Wednesday afternoons.

Those patient ages' range from infants to seniors. His adult patients generally see him with arthritic hip and knee issues. “Most adults outlive their cartilage in these areas. It’s genetic,” he said.

And the treatment he conducts with patients ranges from treating carpel tunnel and giving trigger finger injections to total knee replacements.

This surgical involvement includes from eight to 15 surgeries a week with coverage of 500 to 700 patient cases in a year.

One of Blanchard Valley Health System’s goal is to expand its orthopedic surgeries in Bluffton Hospital. Dr. Davidson says that he hopes to eventually bring that to Bluffton. For now, he sees patients in Bluffton primarily for consultations.

Because of his special interest in sport medicine, the conversation eventually landed in, “What sports injury do you have?”

His answer: “Neck fusion. I played outside linebacker at Ohio State from 1984 to 1988.” The football experience – playing the sport; not the neck fusion – sparked his interest in working with athletes.

As a medical student at Duke from 1988 to 1992, and then in residency at Duke following that he traveled with the Duke basketball team.

Referring to the sports medicine care that originated at Duke and Ohio State, Dr. Davidson says, “I bring that to the Bluffton Hospital.” And, he stresses the importance of supporting your local hospital.

Medicine is a Davidson family theme. As a resident of Findlay, his wife is the school nurse at Wilson Vance Intermediate School. The couple has a daughter who is a physical therapist, a son-in-law who is a physician’s assistance and a son in medical sales.

Patients may see Dr. Davidson in Bluffton by appointment or through doctor referrals.

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