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February 28, 2020

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Free therapy screens in October

From Northwest Physical Therapy

Northwest Physical Therapy, 215 Snider Road, Bluffton, is offering free therapy screens this month.

These screens will be available at all four outpatient locations in Delphos, Ottawa, Bluffton and Lima.
To schedule a free therapy screening
in October call the Bluffton office at:

A physical therapy screening takes approximately 10-15 minutes and will be performed by a licensed clinician. A therapy screening helps identify issues that may be causing unnecessary pain.

“People don’t often realize that the pain they deal with everyday doesn’t have to be a part of their life,” said Wanda Dean, physical therapist and owner of Northwest Physical Therapy.

She said, “A physical therapist is a highly trained medical professional that is able to identify key factors that may be attributing to chronic back pain, headaches, knee pain, etc.

"Once these factors are identified, the therapist works with the patient to provide long-term relief through education and very specific interventions.”