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August 6, 2020

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Police report Oct. 22-28

The following Ada police reports were provided to the Icon by the Hardin County Sheriff’s office. They cover Oct. 22-28:

Oct. 22
Traffic stop, E. North Ave.
Fire alarm, Brookhart Hall, ONU
Medical emergency, 746 N. Main St.
Vehicle incident, 106 S. Johnson St.
Investigate complaint, 210 N. Gilbert St.
Investigate complaint, S. Johnson St.
Traffic stop, S. Main St.
Medical emergency, 401 W. Lima Ave.

Oct. 23
Fire alarm, 717 S. Johnson St.
Traffic stop, Union St.
Agency assist, 414 W. Highland Ave.
Traffic stop, S. Gilbert St.
Medical emergency, Founders Hall, ONU
Investigate complaint, 302 S. Main St.

Oct. 24
Medical emergency, 307 Ream St.
Traffic stop, 220 S. Gilbert St.

Oct. 25
Medical emergency, 746 N. Main St.

Oct. 26
Medical emergency, 127 W. Montford Ave.
Possible narcotic incident, 401 W. Lima Ave.
Medical emergency, Vancrest
Medical emergency, 442 E. Highland Ave.
Investigate complaint, Ada Police dept.
Traffic stop, E. Highland Ave.

Oct. 27
Investigate complaint, 422 Turner Ave.
Report property damage, 528 E. Lehr Ave.
Investigate complaint, 525 S. Johnson St.
Medical emergency, Vancrest
Traffic stop, E. College Ave.
Traffic stop, Lincoln Ave.
Investigate complaint, 401 W. Lima Ave.
Traffic stop, W. Montford Ave.
Traffic stop, E. Buckeye Ave.