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August 6, 2020

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Police report for Oct. 9-14

The following Ada police reports were provided to the Icon by the Hardin County Sheriff’s office. They cover Oct. 9-14:

Oct. 9
Reported damage, 101 Christopher Cirlce
Traffic stop, E. High St.
Traffic stop, E. College Ave.
Traffic stop, Franklin Ave.
Suspicious car, 427 Liberty Ave.
Traffic stop, E. Lima Ave.
Animal call, E. Lehr Ave.
Parade escort, Hanson-Neely Funeral Home, 311 E. Lima Ave
Larceny, ONU, 910 Northern View

Oct. 10
Animal call, Police dept., 115 W. Buckeye Ave.
Fire alarm, ONU, Meyer Science Hall
Investigate complaint, 427 Liberty St.
Investigate complaint, 714 S. Main St.
Traffic stop, E. Buckey Ave.
Medical emergency, 746 N. Main St.

Oct. 11
Traffic stop, W. Dobbins Ave.
Parade escort, Hanson-Neely Funeral Home
Vehicle accident, Police dept.
Investigate complaint, 401 W Lima Ave.
Traffic stop, E. Lincoln Ave.
Medical emergency, 542 E. Lehr Ave.
Disabled vehicle, Klingler Rd.
Parade escort, Ada High School
Suspicious car, 300 Grand Ave.
Traffic stop, Klingler Rd.

Oct. 12
Investigate complaint, 401 W. Lima Ave.
Investigate complaint, Police dept.
Suspicious car, S. Gilbert St.
Investigate complaint, 1006 Northern View
Traffic stop, S. Gilbert St.

Oct. 13
Traffic stop, N. Simon St.
Animal call, 621 N. Johson St.
Medical emergency, Vancrest Nursing Home
Investigate complaint, 308 Johnson St.
Vehicle incident, 327 E. Montford Ave.

Oct. 14
Medical emergency, Vancrest Nursing Home
Reported damage, 927 S. Main St.
Animal call, Reichert's store
Fire alarm, Founders Hall, ONU