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July 2, 2020

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Police report Nov. 20 - Dec. 4

The following Ada police reports were provided to the Icon by the Hardin County Sheriff's office. 

Nov. 20
Medical Emergency, Vancrest Nursing Home
Investigate complaint, CR 15
Traffic Stop, North Ave.

Nov. 21
Suspicious person, S. Johnson St.
2 traffic stops
Threats or harassment, S. Gilbert St.
Suspicious person, Grand Ave.
Medical emergency, Valerie Ave.
Investigate complaint, Lima Ave.

Nov. 22
Medical emergency, Yorktown Apts. 
4 traffic stops
Investigate complaints, S. Johnson St.
Medical emergency, Dukes Hall ONU
Medical emergency, N. Main St. 

Nov. 23
Fire Alarm, The Inn at ONU
Suspicious person, N. Main St.
Traffic Stop, N. Main St

Nov. 24
Well being check, E. University Ave.
Animal Call, E. North Ave
Narcotics, S. Main St.

Nov. 25
Traffic stop, TR 35
Property damage accident, S. Main St. 
Larceny, W. Buckeye Ave
Extra patrol request, N. Main St.

Nov. 26
Traffic stop, S. Johnson St.
Reckless operation of a vehicle, N. Main St.
Animal Call, S. Gilbert St.

Nov. 27
Fire, smell of smoke, Liberty St.
Traffic stop, N. Main St.
Investigate complaints, E. Lehr Ave

Nov. 28
3 Traffic stops
Suspicious car, E. Lehr Ave
Medical emergency, N. Simon St.

Nov. 29
Reckless operation of a vehicle, N. Main St.
Medical Emergency, N. Gilbert Ave.
Drunk, N. Main St.
3 traffic stops
Investigate complaints, N. Main St. 

Nov. 30
Escort, Hanson-Neely Funeral Home
Animal call, S. Johnson St.
3 traffic stops
Medical Emergency, S. Main St.

Dec. 1
2 Traffic stops
Agency assist
Dog bite, E.Ballard Ave.
Animal call, SR 235

Dec. 2
Traffic stop, W. North Ave.
Controlled burn, E. Montford Ave.
Suspicious person, W. Lima Ave.

Dec. 3
Traffic stop, S.Main St. 
Suspicious person, S. Main St.
Vandalism, S. Main St. 
Investigate complaints, E. Highland Ave. 
Narcotics, Union St.

Dec. 4
Threats or harassment, Oak St.
Animal call, S. Johnson St.
2 traffic stops
Unwanted person, Edwards St.
Suspicious person, S. Main St.
Medical emergency, Vancrest Nursing Home
Domestic trouble, Edwards St.
Domestic trouble, Willeke Ave.