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January 22, 2020

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What was the most read story in 2019 on the Icon?

And, does the sun ever set on the Icon? Answer: No

Question: What was the most viewed story on Ada Icon in 2019?

Answer: “Ada police break counterfeiting ring.” According to Google Analytics 3,296 viewers clicked on it. The story posted on Aug. 21. Click here to view it.

Thanks to Google and to Facebook, the Icon provides the following details of other popular stories, where Icon viewers reside and how they reach the Icon. Here goes:

Turns out that the sun never sets on Ada Icon.

In 2019, Ada Icon was viewed from persons in 57 countries around the globe.

Here’s some additional facts of interest from GA and from Facebook. Some of the information is as curious to the Icon staff as it may be to the viewer.

Viewers from 50 states checked out the Icon. The top 10 states follow:
1 – Ohio 
2 – Virginia
3 – California
4 – Michigan
5 – Florida
6 – Texas
7 – Illinois
8 – New York
9 – Indiana
10 – Pennsylvania

The fewest viewers included three from Vermont.

The top six villages and cities with Icon viewers follow:
1 – Ada 
2 – Kenton
3 – Lima
4 – Findlay
5 – Bluffton 
6 – Wapakoneta
7 – Bellefontaine
8 – Toledo
9 – Mansfield
The Icon had viewers from 520 Ohio cities and villages.

Concerning Icon’s worldwide viewers. Here’s the top five countries:
1 – United States
2 – Norway
3 – Canada
4 – United Kingdom
5 – China

More top stories 
Actually, the stories that pulled the most viewers were our continual announcements of snow emergencies, which confirms the importance of the Icon as it provides immediate information.

And, obituaries are extremely well-read – we’ve not included these in the following lists:

In 2019 Icon viewers opened 469,124 pages. The average time spent by a viewer each time a story was opened was 1 minute and 10 seconds. Each time the Icon was opened by a viewer, that viewer looked at an average of 2.4 pages.

The most viewed "pages" following the home page follow:
1 - Sports
2 – New of Ada
3 – Obituaries
4 – Classified ads
5 – Photo gallery

"Stories" with the most views after the counterfeiting ring story:
1 – Cole Motors Sales closes
2 – First school honor roll
3 – Resident’s quick thinking helped law officers capture wanted fugitive

Facebook facts
The Icon has 2,790 Facebook followers. It is our greatest source in attracting viewers. Here are a selection (not all) of popular Facebook posts from 2019:

• Harvest and Herb court photo
4,227 reaches
82 like, 17 shares, 6 comments

• New England quarterback’s surprise visit to Jane Helser
3,739 reaches
85 likes, 21 shares

• 302 Carryout business of the year
4,135 reaches

47 comments, 18 shares, 177 likes

• Photo of Super bowl game point to the Ada-made football
3,764 reaches
125 likes, 33 shares

• Bill and Beth Ann Bass, distinguished citizens of the year
5,265 engagements
30 comments, 16 shares, 136 likes

• Ada Boyz Grass Run announcement
3,045 reaches

Greatest number of YouTube viewers:
• Guinness Book of Records football toss