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August 8, 2020

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Ethan Hull anticipating a career in nursing

And, he has passion for golf

Ethan Hull, senior at Ada High School, is the March Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative student of the month. The Icon had an opportunity to talk with him recently. Here is a portion of that interview.

Icon: What’s your class schedule this semester?
I’m taking anatomy, economics, sociology, introduction to film and literature, I have a study hall, graphic design and Photoshop, statistics and I’m a ‘Dogs volunteer.

Icon: You’ve participated on several sports teams. Tell us about it.
I was on the golf team three seasons. This past year I was the team captain. I participated in wrestling two seasons. However I had a left shoulder injury and I didn’t compete this year. I’m going out for track for the first time ever this spring.

Icon: What did you do last summer?
I entered five golf tournaments through the Lima Junior Golf Association.

Icon: What was your lowest-ever golf score?
I shot a 78 on an 18-hole course last fall.

Icon: What other school activities have you participated in?
I’ve been a member of Varsity Singers for three year. I’m in choir and I was in two school musicals. Outside of school I worked as a dietary aide for a few months at Vancrest.

Icon: What music do you listen to?
Country, rock, Motley Crew, Pearl Jam. I heard Kane Brown perform at the Allen County Fair.

Icon: What do you drive?
A 2011 blue Ford F150 pick-up. It has over 100,000 miles. I took my driver’s test in a Ford Escape. It was a lot easier to park that the F150.

Icon: Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Somewhere warm. Maybe Florida.

Icon: Think back to Kindergarten. What comes to your mind?
I was in Mrs. Jones’ Kindergarten. Actually, at the time I was thinking, “This is boring (laughing).” I remember the color songs. That’s how I learned to spell “purple.”

Icon: Your worst grade in school?
D or F in Spanish, then I shaped up and ended with a C.

Icon: Any detentions in your career?

Icon: How about your work plans this summer?
I’m going to work in EBK Contracting and Hull Rentals doing house renovations.

Icon: At lunch do you buy or pack?
A little of both. My favorite lunch is grilled cheese. You can usually find me sitting with Reece Evans and Bryce Paul.

Icon: What are your plans next year?
I’d like to attend Rhodes State in Lima and graduate with an associate’s degree in nursing. Eventually I’d like to become a nurse practitioner or nurse anthologist.

Icon: Well, congratulations and good luck in your career. It’s been nice talking with you.