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March 31, 2020

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Health department answers questions about weddings and funeral attendance

Keley Ralston of the Kenton-Hardin County Health Department issued a statement addressing weddings and funerals in Hardin County. The letter follows:  

As of today, March 19, pursuant state and local directives wedding and funerals can take place.

They are not violating the SO-person gathering rules or the rules for maintaining social distance. In both events people are attending these events from out of county as well as in county.

However, the remaining question has been presented on wedding receptions or after funeral luncheons and/or dinners.

In the event the reception is the same date as the wedding or the luncheons and or dinners of the funeral the permitted gathering would be allowed.

If the reception or luncheons and/or dinners are on a different date then they are prohibited pursuant §3707.26 of the Ohio Revised Code because they unnecessarily violate the SO-person gathering rule or rules for social distancing.

Respects to the living or dead can take place in the future when the pandemic is over and all restrictions are lifted as to any gathering.

The Hardin County Health Department again stresses each individual should become educated on available and published data regarding the COVID-19 virus, the symptoms of it and to be in charge for their individual health and bear the responsibility for not exposing others to the virus.

Each individual should take into account the paramount necessity on attending a wedding or funeral service for their own individual health concerns or the health of others.