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August 5, 2020

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March 25 Ada school update

Concerning meals, students' mental health, students' progress,

Here is the March 25 community update from Ada Schools.

Yesterday was the first day, I think, where the Governor’s press conference didn’t impose a change or tweak to what schools are doing. So, we didn’t do a community update.

But, today I wanted to share a few things that may be helpful. We are awaiting word, hopefully next week, as to whether this closure is to be extended (which I personally believe is likely), and thus we will begin to communicate our plans moving past April 3.

In the meantime, here are some items I hope are helpful:

 Just a reminder, we are getting two meal packs out to those who are picking up or having meals delivered on Thursday. No delivery on Friday (you’ll have an extra pack for Friday). Watch for an update about next week’s schedule.

 The Ohio Department of Education has published a page of guidance for mental health of students. They are good recommendations, so I wanted to share that link: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Student-Supports/Coronavirus/Supporting...

 The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Allen, Auglaize, and Hardin Counties continues to staff “The Hope Line.” This is a number anyone can call in those counties should you have a mental health crisis or need information about mental health access and services.

That number is: 1-800-567-4673.

 Students who saw Family Resource Center (FRC) counselor Shelby Ruhlen at our school site on Fridays should soon hear from her. FRC has been training their staff to provide counseling services via teleconference. If you don’t hear from Shelby about this option by early next week, please email me (skilliterm@adabulldogs.org) and I will work on connecting you. Make sure you give me a good number for Shelby to call you and good times to call.

 If you have concerns about your child’s mental well-being, please email your child’s principal or counselor. As when students are physically at school, these folks can help facilitate assistance or connection to a mental health professional.

Here are those email addresses:
• Mr. Thaxton (grades k-5 principal) :  thaxtonb@adabulldogs.org
• Mrs. Breidenbach (grades k-8 school counselor): breidenbacht@adabulldogs.org
• Mr. Lee (grades 6-12 principal): leed@adabulldogs.org
• Mrs. Prater (grades 9-12 school counselor): pratere@adabulldogs.org

 If you have concerns about the amount of work your child is getting or need any guidance or support, please email your child’s teacher(s). They are learning as they go, and they want only the best for your children. We all need to extend a great deal of grace to one another as we navigate this new journey.

 Most importantly, don’t worry too much. Don’t worry about them regressing. All of our kids are in the same boat. When we get back to the classroom, we will start where the kids are and go from there. Teachers are experts at that.

 I read a post from an educator in New Orleans who talked about the disruption to education that Katrina caused. He said that those children did fine, and today they are contributing citizens, graduates, and there are doctors and lawyers and teachers and all sorts of careers that were not sidetracked by the disruption.

 Your mental health and your child’s are important. If tensions rise while attempting to do work, take a break, go outside, kick a ball, take a virtual field trip via one of the many options online, have a dance party, just read a book together, then come back to it. Be flexible, and take the time to build relationships.

Your children may forget some of the things we are attempting to teach them during this COVID19 crisis, but they will remember the atmosphere of the home and the fun and bonding that took place. Take time for that. The rest will take care of itself.

Keep in touch with us. Stay well. And we will see you in person on the other side of this adventure. Bulldogs are strong and resilient. We can do this.
Mrs. Skilliter