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October 25, 2020

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Ada residents could take some community involvement cues from Isaac Spar

2020 AHS grad, a Hardin County teen of the year, plans to attend ONU this fall

Ada residents could take some community involvement cues from Isaac Spar.

Isaac’s interests demonstrate an envious list of achievements and participation in Ada High School and the Ada community organizations.

It’s no wonder he was recently named one of two Kenton Elks Club high school boy teens of the school year.

His focus ranges from school sports, – including swimming, soccer, tennis – quiz bowl, music, ethics bowl, Boy Scouts, as a class officer, 4-H, Makerfest, National Honor Society, T.E.A.M.S, and involvement in a church mission trip.

Isaac shared portions of an essay he wrote about his thoughts on community involvement: 
“To me, being a ‘contributing member of society’ involves being active in your community. There are many ways to be active in your community. I personally see myself volunteering time in many of the same organizations/activities that made my childhood exciting, whether that is by being a 4-H advisor, helping with a local Boy Scout Troop, or even coaching youth sports.” 

His essay noted appreciation of the real MVPs in society today: 
“Where is the recognition for the people who serve at local soup kitchens, food pantries, non-profit organizations, and discounted clothing stores? These people are the real “MVPs” of American Society and should gain more recognition.” 

The Icon talked with Isaac earlier this week. Here is a portion of that conversation.

Icon: What classes have you taken this semester?
Writing seminar at ONU, public speaking, physics, introduction to film, psychology and then calculus III at ONU, and band.

Icon: What are your plans next fall:
I’m enrolling at Ohio Northern and will major in electrical engineering. I will also play on the men’s tennis team.

Icon: Did you look at any other colleges?
Yes, I looked at Ohio State and Cincinnati.

Icon: So, with your credits from ONU you have several hours already earned.
Yes, I have 33 credit hours earned. Eight of those are from Rhodes State College since I’ve also taken courses there.

Icon: Tell about your involvement in tennis.
I played for two years in high school basically figuring it out. Then as a junior I was inspired to move to a different level and had a successful year as a singles player. I was honorable mention all-district as a junior. I’ve also played with Zach Beachler and Kade Mullins, both Ada grads and both on the ONU tennis teams.

Icon: Have you played other sports in addition to tennis?
I swam on the Kenton Sea Dragons YMCA swim team for the past six years and on the Ada Gators swim team.  I’ve also played soccer at Ada High School. I was first team all-Northwest Conference this past season.

Icon: Tell us about your music involvement in high school.
I’ve been in the band for four years. I’ve played French horn and mellophone.

Icon: What are your summer plans?
I’ll be on the ONU paint crew. (It started this week.)

Icon: Let’s get back to your college activities. What else might you become involved in?
I was accepted into the ONU honors program. That’s an option participation. There are six honors classes I’ll take and it will involve a bit more work in some areas.

Icon: Have you thought about what you might do after college?
It depends upon what happens after I graduate from ONU. I might join the workforce in engineering. Another option is to get an advanced degree and perhaps teach at the college level.

Icon: We are confident that you will succeed in whatever you choose to do in life. It was nice talking with you.